:: Kitty Orphanage at USA Dog Shop

Kitty Orphanage at USA Dog Shop

USA Dog Shop is pleased to sponsor kitties from the local shelter.

cat room

Allen and Jessica built an entire kitty orphanage room dedicated to these wonderful cats looking for a home.

kitties in tree

The room features over the head tunnels to run, play, and rest in.

kitties on shelf

The natural wood tree scratching posts allow for stretching and playing.

cat tree

The room is built into the front window of our store exposing them to the over million visitors on a weekend that the Palisades Center Mall receives. This window is important for both socialization and increasing the cats opportunity to find a permanent home. They are able to interact with people through the safety of the glass. The private tunnels allow to to hide and rest when they choose to do so.

kitty in paw tunnel

There are normally 2-4 teenager/adult cats at any time that Allen and Jessica are caring for in the orphanage. USA Dog Shop does NOT select which cats come to the orphanage from the shelter. However, they request older, shyer cats, as they are able to help socialize and rehabilitate the older cats thus increasing their likely hood of finding a permanent home quicker.

USA Dog Shop does NOT accept money for the adoption of the cats. The adoption process is completely conducted through the shelter and the adoption money goes directly to the shelter.

Allen and Jessica are pleased to have been able to help hundreds of cats find homes by providing advertising and exposure in the kitty orphanage and by directing people to adopt cats from the shelter, rather than buy them from a store.

In addition to the kitty orphanage, USA Dog Shop sponsors an adoption events which enables adoption organizations and shelters to bring adoptable pets into the store so they can potential new families.

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