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Jewelry: Butterfly Blue Morpho Adonis Wing

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Butterfly Blue Morpho Adonis Wing

Available in a single Pendant Choker and/or Earrings


Each piece of jewelry is created using real butterfly wings encased in resin, using a proprietary process.

The necklace pendants come with a 16" choker style wire necklace.

The earrings feature sterling silver hooks.

Butterfly jewelry is designed to be reversible, allowing you to take full advantage of the butterfly's natural camouflage on the reverse side. To reverse your earrings simply slide your thumbnail between the silver ball and the earring wire and apply gentle pressure to open slightly. Slide the earring piece up the wire, turn it around and slide back on. With your fingertips, pinch the wire closed.

Care Instructions:

Wipe with a soft cloth. Keep away from extreme heat and humidity. We suggest putting on after applying hairspray and perfume.

About the Butterfly Wing Collection Process:

Butterfly farms/conservatories supply pupae to live butterfly exhibits in museums and zoos around the world.

Tiny butterfly eggs are collected in the wild or inside the farm.

The caterpillars are protected from predators and fed their favorite diet.

Once they veil themselves in their pupae, some are shipped to the various exhibits, while more are hatched. Most are released back into the wild to ensure their reproductive success to repeat the process of life. Majority of butterflies have a life span of less than three weeks.

After the butterflies pass their wings are collected and sold and the money goes back to further the reproduction of butterflies to help ensure their ongoing survival.

About the Creators:

Each piece of jewelry is hand crafted in Southern California, without any machines, mass-production, or hired workers. The jewelry line includes earrings and pendants, made out of real butterfly wings. Each of these natural works of wearable nature art will set the wearer apart from the crowd, and is guaranteed to generate interest and amazed comments.

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