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Leather Neck Cord with Sterling Silver Clasp

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Leather Neck Cord with Sterling Silver Clasp


Size Leather Cord: 16" or 18"
Size Leather Cord Thickness: 1.5mm cord with 2.2mm clasp

Leather Cord with Sterling Silver Clasp. Lightweight cord is great for pendants and accenting your outfits.
* Sterling Silver stamped .925 clasp
* 100% Leather made in Italy.
* Lobster clasp.
* Leather cords are not recommended to be worn in the shower, bath or swimming pool as the ends are glued together. Water over time will erode the glue that holds the ends together. Soap also clouds jewelry.

How to select the right necklace length for your pendant:

  • 16” Chain is a short chain that fits close around your neck. 16” chains are great to wear with a “V” neck top or button-down shirt. The 16” chain fits more like a choke chain tightly around the throat. When buying a gift for a person that weighs over 150lbs and is around 5’5” tall, we recommend selecting an 18” to ensure that the necklace will fit properly as the 16” may not fit the person.

  • 18” Chain is our most popular chain because it fits nicely around the neck coming down about 1”-2” from the throat. This chain length is comfortable to wear as it falls nicely in a “V” neck shirt or in a button-down top. When buying a gift for a person that weighs over 180lbs and is around 5’5” tall, we recommend selecting a 20” to ensure that the necklace will fit properly as the 18” may not fit the person comfortably.

Jewelry Care Tips:

  • If your silver jewelry tarnishes, use silver polishing cloth to bring back shine or a liquid jewelry cleaner. Tarnishing is a natural effect of real sterling silver and exposure to air.
  • Always put your jewelry on last. Use hair spray, styling gels, lotions, makeup, and perfume beforehand or the chemicals will cloud, pit and discolor your jewelry.
  • We recommend that you never place an expensive or sentimental piece of jewelry on a necklace with glued or thinly soldered ends, the risk of damage or loss is too great and many times irreplaceable.
  • Remove your jewelry before you shower or bath. Necklace ends that are glued together will erode from the water, causing the ends to unravel and come apart. Soap also clouds jewelry.
  • Remove your jewelry before you enter a swimming pool or Jacuzzi. The chemicals used both in the water and floating in the air will discolor Sterling Silver instantly and cause Bronze to permanently tarnish.
  • Remove any necklaces before going to bed. Tossing and turning can cause excessive strain on necklaces which can result in kinking, weaknesses and breakage.
  • We recommend that you remove your jewelry before undressing. Even though we use thick jump rings, it is a safe habit to adopt that will prevent charms from catching on any materials.
  • Jewelry with glued stone settings should never be worn while doing dishes or soaked in a liquid cleaner. The chemicals in the water and cleaner can weaken the glue and loosen your settings.
  • Do not wear your jewelry when doing heavy lifting/work, while exercising, working in the yard or outside in the humidity. Humidity and body perspiration will cause jewelry to tarnish.
  • Remove your jewelry before using or applying any products that contain chemicals like bleach, ammonia, alcohol, household cleaners, bug sprays, tanning lotions… better safe than sorry if the chemicals would leave your jewelry dull, tarnished, pitted or even beyond repair.
  • Store your jewelry in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight and in the air tight baggies. Do not leave your jewelry lying on the cotton contained in the gift boxes. Jewelry box cotton is no longer made from 100% cotton (strange but true fact).
  • Check for loose gemstones or any loose parts and have your jewelry repaired right away. Quick inspections and prevention go a long way.

Images and Jewelry Designs:

The images and jewelry designs are 100% copyrighted and protected by the jewelry designer. Photos and designs may not be reproduced or utilized without the expressed written consent of the designer.

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