:: Freedom No-Pull Dog Harness

Freedom No-Pull Dog Harness

Freedom No Pull Harness Available in XSM, SM, MD, LG, XLG & 2XLG (19 Colors)
Freedom No Pull Harness Available in XSM, SM, MD, LG, XLG & 2XLG (19 Colors)
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Harness Chewing Warranty & Cleaning
Harness Chewing Warranty & Cleaning
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Made in the USA: US Patent Number: 7,165,511. The Freedom No Pull harness is extremely effective for training and minimizes the effect of pulling for several reasons: (1)- tightening effect of the loop on the harness, (2)- the location of the loop, (3)- the reconfigurable design that allows you to attach to only the back or to the front and back of the harness simultaneously.

Selecting the Correct Size:

MEASURE the circumference of your dog's chest by placing the tape measure all the way around the chest (rib cage), behind the front legs. The tape measure should be flat to the dog, not pulled tight, but not loose. Select a size that is between the specified size range.

Example 1: if your dog's chest is 31" you would want the large Freedom No Pull harness (26" - 32") rather than the XLarge (30" - 36"). Example 2: if your dog's chest is 28" you would want the large Freedom No Pull harness (26" - 32") rather than the Medium (22" - 28").

If your dog is a puppy please email or call us so we can help you select a size that will fit your puppy now & as it grows bigger.

When selecting a size please use the Exact girth measurement as the primary method of ordering. The weight is ONLY APPROXIMATE & should be used as a guideline not the determining factor.

5/8" XSmall
5/8" Small
5/8" Medium
1" Medium
1" Large
1" X-Large
1" 2X-Large
Chest Size
14" - 20"
18" - 24"
22" - 28"
22" - 28"
26" - 32"
30" - 38"
36" - 44"
Approx Weight
13 - 21 lbs
18 - 35 lbs
30 - 50 lbs
30 - 50 lbs
45 - 80 lbs
75 - 135 lbs
125 - 200 lbs

If your dog is greater than the 2X-large we can have the Freedom No Pull harness custom made for you.

About the Inventor of the Freedom No Pull Harness:

Jessica MacDonald and Mia
Jessica MacDonald is the inventor of the Freedom No Pull Harness. Jessica has been working with people & their animals in the pet industry for over 13 years. She designed the harness after walking a friends large, 150 lb dog, Raven, who was dragging her down the street. Raven, a 150lb Rottie, was originally in a prong collar. The collar was not effective in controlling the dog because the force was only placing pressure on the neck & not controlling the strongest point of the dog at the center of gravity, i.e. the chest. After conceptionalizing the tensioning loop design, she sewed together a harness, put it on Raven, & found that the harness was extremely effective as a training/communication tool. She then applied & received the US Patent on the Harness.With a Bachelors and Masters in Mechanical Engineering & her thesis in Manufacturing for design, Jessica applied her knowledge to develop EVERY aspect of the specifications to manufacture the harness.
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