:: Harness Replacement & Warranty

Harness Replacement & Warranty

##Harness Chewing Warranty REPLACEMENT of Existing Harness The Replacement includes the new replacement harness and the shipping of the replacement harness to you. Please read through this entire page before placing your order. By placing a replacement order, you verify that you have read through and understand all of the terms and conditions below. ###Hassle Free Replacement You will receive a (1) time new harness replacement for your chewed/damaged harness. Original Proof of original purchase required.
You will need to mail the original harness to us before we can mail a new replacement harness. The replacement cost covers the new replacement and return shipping to you but does not include the shipping of the original harness from you to us. ###Steps/Directions: (1) Order the replacement Harness above.
(2) Print your receipt for the replacement harness.
(3) Mail the following items:
* your original chewed harness
* the paid replacement receipt
* a copy of the original purchase receipt for the harness you are mailing back for replacement. This receipt MUST match the size and color of the harness you are mailing back for replacement.
Mail this (3) items to:
USA Dog Shop
Harness Replacement
549 Route 17
Suite C
Tuxedo Park, NY 10987
Keep your tracking! A new harness can NOT be issued if we do not receive the original. A new harness in the SAME Size, width and color as your original harness will be mailed back to you within 3-5 business days of receipt. ###Considerations: * Dirty, outgrown harnesses can not be replaced. * A copy of your original purchase for the harness is required. The receipt MUST match the harness being returned to us. * The replacement warranty is valid for a one-time replacement. Please include a copy of your original receipt. If we do not receive a copy of the original purchase receipt we can not issue a replacement harness. The original harness will be mailed back to you in the condition we received it and a refund will be issued less the cost of shipping. Please Note: The Replacement of the harness is an optional service. The terms of the warranty, service and pricing may be modified or canceled at anytime.
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