:: :: :: Lead/Leash: Marine Grade, 10-configuration Leash dogs 40lbs & up

Lead/Leash: Marine Grade, 10-configuration Leash dogs 40lbs & up

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Marine Dog 8' Long 10-configuration Lead

This leash is intended for medium and bigger dogs, 45lbs and greater.  If you dog is smaller than 40/45 lbs please select the Marine dog Junior lead.

The Marine Dog leash does NOT come with a separate sliding handle. When you connect the leash clips to the front and back of the harness the leash creates a 'U' shape. You wrap the 'U' of the leash around your hand. Thus creating a handle.

If you want a separate handle to attach to the floating ring you may order this from the pull down menu above. The handle will be shipped in the same color and size as the Marine Dog Leash.


Marine Dog Leashes are made by hand using a double-braided nylon design rope found only in the boating industry.  The rope is made to resist kinking, elongation and has an excellent resistance towards abrasion. The hardware is a strong bronze that resists rust, chips and pitting.

This is a favorite leash of mine as the 5/8" diameter braided rope is comfortable in my hands. HOWEVER, The Marine Dog leash is a heavy, solid leash due to the brass hardware fittings, and 8' length.

Available Colors:

Black: Black can go with just about any of the harnesses.

Burgundy:  The marine dog is a brown/red maroon rather than purple/wine burgundy of the Freedom Harness. So it does not match the Burgundy Freedom Harness very well. If you are concerned about matching the harness exactly, then order the black Marine Dog. The black Marine Dog will match the Black Loop on the back of the Burgundy Harness.

Blue: Matches both the Royal Blue and the Navy Blue Freedom No Pull Harness.

Camo: The Camo is brown, black and green.  You can match this to the Kelly Green, Black, Brown, or Tan harness.

Chocolate Brown: This is a lighter brown than the Freedom No Pull Harness.  If you are concerned about matching the harness exactly, then order the black Marine Dog.  The black Marine Dog will match the Black Loop on the back of the Brown or Tan Harness.

Hot Pink:  This will match the hot pink Freedom No Pull Harness.

Neon Orange:  This will match the Neon Orange Freedom No Pull Harness.

Purple: This is a lighter purple than the Freedom No Pull Harness.  The Marine Dog leans more towards a lavender than a deep purple. If you are concerned about matching the harness exactly, then order the black Marine Dog. The black Marine Dog will match the Black Loop on the back of the Purple Freedom No Pull Harness.

Teal Green: This matches the Teal Freedom No Pull Harness.

Red: This matches the Red Freedom No Pull Harness.

10 Functions - 1 Leash

Harness Connection Directions:
* Connect the bolt snap in the handle end of the leash to the back of the harness.
* Connect the fixed bolt snap the front of the harness.
* Place the dog on your left side.
* Wrap the leash around your right hand creating a handle/loop.

The dog is on your left and the leash is wrapped around your right hand. Your left hand is free.

Use your left hand to lightly grab the two lengths of the leash that are between you and the dog. Now you can:
1) apply pressure to the front/back simultaneously
2) you can turn just the front of the dog by placing pressure on the lower length of the leash that connects to the front.
3) you can apply the "breaks" to the training loop on the back of the harness by applying pressure to the top length of the leash or by grabbing the handle.

Other Ways to Use Your Marine Dog Leash:

Step 1: Connect the bolt snap to your dog's collar or harness and use it as an 8 foot leash.
Step 2: Connect the bolt snap in the handle to the O-ring at the base of the leash to create a 4 foot leash.
Step 3: To create a 2 foot leash, continue from step two, slide the floating o-ring towards you and reconnect it to the bolt snap that is connected to your dog's collar.
Step 4: To create a temporary 7 foot tie-out, simply attach leash to your dog and wrap the handle end of leash around a pole, fence post, railing or small tree and attach both snaps in the handle to the floating o-ring.
Step 5: To create a temporary 4 foot tie-out, repeat step 4 and attach bolt snap in the handle to the fixed o-ring at the base of your leash.
Step 6: Hands Free-Around Your Waist. Attach leash to your dog, wrap handle side of leash around your waist. Connect bolt snap in handle to floating 0-ring and slide the black washer lock towards yourself until it is snug to your comfort.
Step 7: Hands Free- Over the Shoulder. Attach the handle side of leash to your dog. Place the leash under your left arm and wrap it over your right shoulder and connect the bolt snap to the floating o-ring. Adjust the black washer lock to suit your comfort. Use the handle by your dog's collar for extra control.
Step 8: Leash and Collar Combo- Us it as a temporary leash and collar in case your dog's collar or harness should break while walking your dog. Slide the black washer lock all the way down to the bolt snap, attach the same bolt snap to the floating o-ring, creating a loop. Slip the loop over your dog's head , pull slightly as to gather excess and use it as a slip lead to get your dog home safely.
Step 9: Walk two dogs at once with no tangles. Attach the bolt snap in handle of your leash to one dog, attach the other bolt snap to your other dog, slide the floating o-ring up towards the center of the leash and connect our Marine Dog Healing Lead (Sold Separately) to it. Remember to attach your larger dog to the side of the leash opposite the black washer lock as to give your smaller dog his or her own space.
Step 10: Healing lead can be used all by itself to keep your dog very close to you.
Step 11: Storage of Leash- When your dog or dogs are off lead, you can easily hand the Marine Dog leash System to your belt loop. Turn the leash into a 2 foot leash as in Step 3, attach the healing lead to the fixed o-ring, attach the bolt snap, which normally attaches to your dog, to your belt loop instead. Your pockets were made to keep your hands warm, not to stuff a leash in it.

Heavy duty Marine grade rope (double braided nylon). This is the same rope that is used in the boating industry.

Solid brass and bronze hardware and closures.

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